For those that fought, for the families of those who died, and for a nation that sacrificed so much to defend the freedom of others, a tribute is due.

An Aerial Tribute

On June 6, 2019, the National D-Day Memorial Foundation will honor, in extraordinary fashion, the many dead and those still living who flew and fought during the D-Day Invasion. Exactly 75 years from the day Operation Overlord changed the course of World War II, the sky above this great national monument will be filled with the thunder of fighters, bombers, and troop carriers that ultimately delivered allied forces to victory.

Contact the Foundation to learn how this Aerial Tribute will be choreographed with the Foundation's ground-based ceremony on June 6, 2019. Over 15,000 spectators are expected on site at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia while an additional 100,000 global viewers are anticipated via live television and internet coverage.

To Honor Them

The coming anniversary represents the last, best chance to interact with the D-Day story in a personal, firsthand, large-scale manner. Air and ground ceremonies will be highlighted by the personal introductions of each D-Day veteran in attendance. The ceremony will be capped by modern USAF aircraft demonstrating today's aerial capability that grew from the pioneer airmen of World War II, culminating in the somber missing man maneuver flown in a "Heritage Flight" of WWII era aircraft and today's USAF fighter jets!

Live streaming between the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia and Normandy, France will offer visitors the unique opportunity to express gratitude and show the deepest respect to those who were there in 1944.

Donate or Sponsor

The National D-Day Memorial receives neither state nor federal funding and relies on generous contributions from organizations and individuals.

Tax-deductable donations and corporate sponsorships will be used exclusively for:

  • Travel & lodging for WWII Vets
  • Ramp fees and fuel at staging areas
  • Performer operating expenses

If you or your organization wishes to sponsor a portion of this historic event, senior members of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation and Aerial Tribute team will be delighted to discuss how your contribution could be applied. Key sponsors will be highlighted in promotional campaigns.

Why Tribute Is Due

The synchronization of over 13,000 aircraft on one day in June of 1944 was an unprecedented confluence of skill, bravery, teamwork, and dedication. Flying nearly 15,000 sorties in the first eight hours of June 6th, our nation and allies delivered over 150,000 troops onto the beaches of Normandy, France, shifting the momentum of World War II and positively changing the course of history. It was called Operation Overlord.

Exactly seventy-five years later, on June 6th, 2019, the National D-Day Memorial Foundation will honor the many dead and those still living who served to make our way of life possible. The National D-Day Memorial is located in Bedford, Virginia. Why Bedford? Because on June 6th, 1944 Company A landed at the right place and on time at Omaha Beach. More than a hundred men from Company A would die on D-Day under the command of Captain Taylor Fellers of Bedford. Nineteen of these Company A fatalities were from little Bedford, VA. One other Bedford man in Company F died on Omaha Beach. Those twenty heroes from Bedford, the "Bedford Boys," represented the highest per capita loss of any community in the nation on June 6th.

Few of their comrades remain alive, and this 75th commemoration will be one of the last opportunities to honor these living legends. President Bill Clinton recognized their role in history, "They may walk with a little less spring in their step; and their ranks are growing thinner. But let us never forget, when they were young, they saved the world."

The Foundation’s 75th D-Day Commemoration will include an historic aerial tribute that will be the last of its kind and scale ever viewed by the men and women that directly supported Operation Overlord. This is a unique opportunity to support a high-profile event and to honor those who gave everything they could to shape a better world. Operators of appropriate vintage aircraft are encouraged to participate in this once in a lifetime event.


This 100% volunteer effort is being led by a seasoned cadre of senior military officers, air-event professionals, and business leaders. All pilots. All patriots.

Working With The Best of the Best

To help attendees fully appreciate the different aircraft and how they supported D-Day operations, legendary announcer Rob Reider will be narrating directly below the Tribute Flight at the National D-Day Memorial in Beford, Virginia. With an ability to hold massive crowds rapt with his encyclopedic knowledge of aviation and military history, attendees will be entertained and educated in a manner consistent with the solemnity of this great event.

And to ensure that every detail of the aerial ceremony is executed with total precision and safety, top-notch airboss George Cline will be directing all air movements. George Cline and his AirBoss, Inc. team are universally recognized as the authorities in FAA air show, airspace, and ATC regulations. There simply are none better.

Dave Young, USAF Brig Gen (Ret)

With over 49 years of military and civilian aviation experience Dave has flown over 30 different aircraft logging over 10,000 flying hours. He holds FAA certifications as an airline transport pilot and as a single and multi-engine aircraft and instrument flight instructor and is a certified aircraft appraiser. Retiring from the United States Air Force in 1997 as a Brigadier General he joined Liberty University (LU) serving as the Vice President of Finance and Administration and later as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He then served as the founding dean of the LU School of Aeronautics and as president of Freedom Aviation. He also served on the Virginia Aviation Board, as a member of the Lynchburg Airport Commission, as the former president of the Virginia Aviation Business Association, president of the Lynchburg Regional Airshow, Inc, and currently is the Chairman of the Virginia Aviation Historical Society board of directors. He is a member of the International Council of Airshows and has been involved in several airshows spanning many years, including the 2011 and 2016 Lynchburg Regional Airshows. He currently serves as the director of the initiative to provide an aerial component to the 75 th 2019 commemoration of the D-Day invasion. He is an active pilot, regularly flying his Beech Baron.

Winfred Nash

Winfred D. Nash retired President from BWXT Nuclear Operations Division that was responsible for the manufacturing and assemble of U.S. Naval complete submarine and aircraft nuclear propulsion system. An Engineering graduate of Old Dominion University and an MBA Duke University Fuqua Business School. An aircraft owner with a private pilot and instrument rating. Currently Chairman of the Board, Lynchburg Regional Airshow,Inc. Member of the National Aviation Hall of Fame nomination committee Dayton, Ohio. Member of various civic and businesses board of directors organization. Winfred and his wife, Pat, reside on a 300 acre working farm in Appomattox, Va.

Paul E. Perrone, P.E.

Paul E. Perrone is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Lynchburg Regional Air Show, Inc. He has responsibility for communications, connectivity, credentialing and security and the operations and command centers for the Lynchburg Virginia air show and will have these same duties for the 2019 event.

Mr. Perrone is the retired founder and CEO of Applied Synergistics, Inc a company providing custom-engineered electronic control systems and services to utility power plants worldwide.

Prior to founding Applied Synergistics, Mr. Perrone had a nearly 30 year technology career in both the Naval and Civilian nuclear power programs. He is a registered professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the recipient of three U.S. patents, an active amateur radio, electronics and video enthusiast, an instrument rated commercial pilot with Cessna Citation type rating and serves as a member of the Board of Nominations of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. Mr. Perrone spends his retirement assisting civic and other non-profit organizations with their technology needs.

Glenn Spears, USAF Lt Gen (Ret)

Glenn Spears is a resident of Lynchburg, Virginia and volunteers in support of the National D-Day Memorial. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and served in the Air Force as a commissioned officer, pilot and commander. On active duty, Glenn piloted 16 different military aircraft in peacetime and combat, and commanded at the squadron, group, wing and numbered air force levels. Glenn also served as the deputy commander for U.S. Southern Command, one of the Nation’s six regional military commands. He was awarded the Order of the Bayonet by the enlisted force. He retired with over 33 years on active duty as a Lieutenant General in 2011, and subsequently built and operates a successful consulting firm. He serves on the Industry Advisory Council for Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics, and is a member of the National Business Aviation Association and the Air Force Association.

Participating Aircraft

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FW-190 Würger


Hawker Hurricane


Supermarine Spitfire


Boeing Stearman

Primary Trainer

North American T-6 Texan

T-6 Texan
Advanced Trainer

de Havilland Mosquito

Multi-role Combat

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Troop Transport

North American B-25 Mitchell

Medium Bomber

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Heavy Bomber

Messerschmitt Me 262

Fighter Bomber

Piper L-4 Grasshopper


North American P-51 Mustang


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Under the direction of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation, the 75th Anniversary Aerial Tribute is being managed by the 501(c)(3), not for profit organization, Lynchburg Regional Airshow, Inc.

Support Crew Hotel (2 nights)

Support Crew Airfare

Fuel a P-51 Mustang

Fuel an L-4 Grasshopper

Fuel a C-47 Skytrain

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Your generous support is sincerely appreciated by the National D-Day Memorial Foundation, its volunteers, and all who will attend the 75th Anniversary in Bedford, VA -- especially the World War II veterans!